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Amazing “Find” is a 60 Year Old Theft

Posted on September 15, 2014 by admin

Earlier this year, we reported on an amazing flea market find in West Virginia. A woman claimed to find what was later authenticated as an original Renoir, worth $100,000. While the story made the rounds of national news reports, Washington Post reporter Ian Shapira didn’t quite think the story added up. His investigation revealed that the Renoir had been stolen in 1951 by the mother of the woman claiming the flea market find. In fact, it had been hanging in her home for decades before being passed down to her daughter. The painting was originally purchased by Alphonsine Fournaise Papillon, who is depicted in Luncheon of the Boating Party, and then purchased and eventually loaned to Baltimore Museum of Art by Baltimore collector Saidie May in 1937.

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The Coif Awaits its Comeback

Posted on September 15, 2014 by admin

While the cycle for fashion retreads seems shorter than ever, we’re still waiting on the coif to stage a serious comeback.

Nicole Kipar has accumulated a catalog of late 17th century coifs, cloth headwear that were ubiquitously worn by women.

While noblewomen wore elaborately embroidered or decorated coifs, women of lower classes wore simple white caps.
Perhaps the only remaining use of the coif today is among nuns.

Some original coifs:
Holbein, Hans Il Giovane (the Younger)

Vincent Van Gogh

Rogier van der Weyden

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Beware: The Thanksgivukkah Meal

Posted on November 19, 2013 by admin

The holidays bring out all sorts of intriguing combinations: witness the Turduken. A deboned chicken stuffed in a deboned duck stuffed in a deboned turkey sounds downright macabre. It actually tastes quite good, with the fatty duck keeping the two other meats moist and flavorful.

Jason Kessler, at Bon Appetit, got into the holiday swing last week, but veered entirely off track for a foodie magazine. Rather than recount warm delicious holiday meals, he made a list worth noting to all holiday cooks who like to dabble conjuring up new recipes. Warning: Do Not Attempt these at Home.

Beware! The Thanksgivukkah Meal

Turkey Maccaburgers: Yup, you guessed it. Maccabee shaped turkey burgers.

Noodle Kugel Stuffing: Eggy noodle stuffing.

Thanksgiving Shepherd’s Pie: Brisket, cream of schmaltz soup, and a mashed potato latke topper.

Gelt-Cream Pie: Unimaginably bad sounding.

Cheese Ball Sufganiyot: Traditional Hanukkah doughnuts with cheese filling.

Manischewitz Crangria: While nobody in their right mind would combine Manischewitz kosher wine with cranberries and candied pumpkin (yuck), we can highly recommend using any leftover kosher wine for a sangria of apples, oranges, and grapes. In this case, the sweet wine is perfectly fine for this Spanish comfort drink.

Read the entire article here.

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$45 Begets $400,000

Posted on September 12, 2013 by admin

A $45 find at auction resulted in a $400,000 find, as experts authenticate this postcard as an original 19C John Constable. His most famous painting, The Hay Wain, can be seen on this banner.

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Phenoms for Philatelists

Posted on September 12, 2013 by admin

Although it’s not a sovereign state, the United Nations, to our surprise, issues stamps that can actually be used to send mail worldwide. Valid only if mailed from three locations (UN headquarters in NYC, Palais des Nations in Geneva, and Vienna International Centre), the stamps are are issued in denominations of U.S. dollars, Swiss francs, and euros, respectively.

On September 23rd, the UN Postal Administration will issue six stamps on the theme Break Barriers-Open Doors. For this stamp issue, UNPA selected artists from around the world with incredible stories that highlight the positive power of full and equal participation of people with disabilities. The stamps will commemorate a UN General Assembly meeting to raise awareness about the work of the UN in ensuring the equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society and development.

Artists works depicted on the stamps include Chuck Close, Matt Sesow, Josephine King, Sargy Mann, Pete Eckert, and a group photo of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe.

Have moment? Watch the Chinese troupe perform Thousand Hand Dance.

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Fashion Follows Art

Posted on September 9, 2013 by admin

Art has been an inspiration to fashion designers for decades. In fact, you can outfit yourself down to a headband and earrings of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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Seurat in Edgewater, Colorado???

Posted on July 26, 2013 by admin

If you can’t make it out to The Art Institute of Chicago to see the real Seurat, there’s a remarkable copy of A Sunday on La Grande Jatte painted on a building that houses the Providence Tavern in Edgewater, Colorado.

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What’s Happening!

Posted on May 22, 2013 by admin

More than just art appreciation. Dive in!

UCLA Fowler Museum
Dance like a local next time you’re invited to a big fat Greek wedding at the UCLA Fowler Museum. Sunday, June 2.


Crocker Art Museum
While there won’t be any swilling at the Crocker’s SketchCrawl, you’ll be able to hone your artistic skills while strolling the Sacramento River Promenade. Thursday, June 6.


De Young Museum
Celebrate in clogs in the fog at the deYoung’s Orange Nights and experience why San Fran and Amsterdam were named the top two destinations by Lonely Planet. Friday, May 31.


Catch a flick at the Neue Galerie’s film series, inspired by the exhibition of Austrian artist, designer, and Wiener Werkstatte co-founder Koloman Moser. June 3 – July 8.

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Plastic Surgery 17 Century Style

Posted on May 6, 2013 by admin

Before photography, before Photoshop, and before plastic surgery, there was Frans Hals. The 17th century artist portrayed his subjects with an energy that other portrait artists could not match…much like the advantages of modern photography. And unlike the instantaneous capture of a camera and the era of “post-production”, the slower methodical process of painting allowed Hals to remove those pesky facial flaws, and other perceived imperfections to his clients liking.

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Thinking of a Summer Road Trip?

Posted on May 1, 2013 by admin

Each year, throngs of Americans pile their brood into the family car or motor home to embark on a pilgrimage to the natural and man-made wonders of the our great nation. For 30 years Roger Minick captured these sightseers in all their glory, reflecting back our shared experience and the “sense of being dropped into one place rather than a journey through a succession of places”. Read more.

The sold out banner Woman with Scarf at Inspiration Point, Yosemite National Park, CA shows a humorous but poignant juxtaposition of the natural beauty of the waterfall with the kitschy tourist interpretation of the falls depicted on the woman’s headscarf.

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