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Rodney Graham Reverie

  • From: The Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Limited Edition: 27 Banners
  • Price: $525
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Graham’s 2003 film, “A Reverie Interrupted by the Police”, features the artist in black and white striped prison togs. Seated at a piano, he taps out an atonal tune replete with silent pauses. He glances nervously over his shoulder from time to time at the policeman behind him, and his performance is ultimately cut off when the prison guard leads him off the stage. The 8-minute film plays in a continuous loop.

This banner features a still from “A Reverie Interrupted by the Police” with the main character seated at an upright piano. The convict plays the piano solemnly, his hands cuffed. The image has a striking interplay between the black and white stripes of Graham's prison uniform, and the alternating black and white of the piano keys. Known for his nonlinear, repetitive video works, Graham’s circular narratives, whimsical references to pop culture, and self-effacing humor can be mesmerizing.

A red band above the image encloses text that reads, “RODNEY GRAHAM/JULY 25 – NOV 29, 2004/MOCA THE GEFFEN CONTEMPORARY” in black and white lettering. Both sides of the banner are identical. Another banner promoting the exhibition features a still from Graham’s 1997 film, Vexation Island.
These banners were displayed around Los Angeles to promote the exhibition "Rodney Graham: A Little Thought," held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles’s Geffen Contemporary location from July 25 through November 29, 2004. The exhibition was also seen in Toronto at the Art Gallery of Ontario, in Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.
Canadian artist Rodney Graham (b. 1949) is a true iconoclast on today’s contemporary art scene, with works covering a wide range of media and subjects. As an artist, photographer, writer, musician, actor and film-maker, he continually explores new approaches while calling upon disparate influences from literature, popular culture, and historical styles.

Exhibition: Rodney Graham: A Little Thought
Material: Printed 2-ply vinyl
Dimensions: 35" x 95" (88.9cm x 241.3cm)

Hanging your banner
Hanging your banner is easy – just put a few screws in the wall or ceiling and PRESTO, you’re ready to display your beautiful banner. To make it even easier, each BetterWall banner comes with a free hanging system that gives the impression that your banner is floating just an inch off the wall. Your 2-ply museum banners is constructed with two layers of vinyl stitched and glued together. One side of the banner will hang more smoothly than the other due to this layered construction – this is considered the front of the banner.

Caring for your banner
Your banner is a unique and durable piece of art. Having been displayed outside, it has weathered the elements and remained beautiful—so it can obviously take a lot of wear and tear! Slight scuffs, small smudges, or minor creases are not noticeable when the banner is hung, and are a part of the banner’s authentic appeal.

Storing your banner
When not on display, your banner can be rolled and stored in the tube provided. Always roll your banner from the bottom up with the front facing the outside of the roll and place it in a cool place.

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