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Adopt your Kleberg

Posted on August 16, 2016 by admin

An irresistible pooch, Kleberg, from Jamie Wyeth is the center of attention from the Denver Art Museum’s major exhibition of Andrew and Jamie Wyeths art. Both both signed and unsigned banners by DAM and Jamie Wyeth are available.

Jamie Wyeth let the Denver arts community in on a little known fact about his father, Andrew. Jamie described the iconic 20th century artist as a “wild painter” who “threw paint around, turned things upside down, stepped on things and ripped things.” The more common notion is that Andrew worked in a very controlled manner adhering strictly to a realist style with his precision portraits of melancholy subjects while his contemporaries turned towards abstraction. Jamie added that his fathers paintings still resonate “because there’s an energy in them that you don’t get from most realists.” Jamie was attracted to the Denver Art Museums exhibition because its working title was “Messy Paintings.” The exhibition was eventually titled Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio and it revealed Andrews more adventurous side paired with diverse works painted by Jamie.

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