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Korea Part 2: From Detention Center to Art Space

Korea Part 2: From Detention Center to Art Space

The avant-garde will lead you to prison.

Or to the bowels of the former Korean Defence Security Command (KDSC) in central Seoul. That is if you are a young artist in the vanguard wanting to make bold statements about Korea’s tumultuous past and pop-star present. On a long, rain soaked walk through Seoul in 2010 I ran across this temporary art exhibit occupying the former KDSC, organized by the National Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art.

Part 1: Korean Vernacular -- or Bukchon Style!

Bukchon, Seoul, South Korea
Now that the world’s eyes are on South Korea for the Winter Olympics (my stomping grounds for a decade), I thought I’d write about some art and architecture as I haven't seen the networks create any "puff" pieces about this subject. I wandered the streets of Seoul one rainy afternoon a few years ago searching to learn more about this wonderful city.