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Taiwanese "Hand Puppet"-Printed 2-ply vinyl-Fowler Museum at UCLA-BetterWall
Taiwanese "Hand Puppet"
Taiwanese "Hand Puppet"
Taiwanese "Hand Puppet"
Taiwanese "Hand Puppet"

Taiwanese "Hand Puppet"

Fowler Museum at UCLA

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From: Fowler Museum at UCLA
Limited Edition: 16
Exhibition: Intersections: World Art/Local Lives
Material: Printed 2-ply vinyl
Dimensions: 35" x 96" (88cm x 243cm)

Hanging Hardware Included


Puppetry is a traditional art form that still thrives today in Taiwan's streets, theaters, and even on TV. The puppets often feature hand-carved wooden heads, beautifully-painted details, and elaborately-wrought clothing. One of these puppets representing the famous Chinese educator know as "The Blind Scholar" is featured on 16 banners from the Fowler Museum at UCLA. The yellow face of the puppet is decorated with Chinese script that conveys the importance of learning and literacy.


The vibrant yellow face adorned with Chinese lettering seems to jump from the banner. Its lacquered sheen makes the face seem to glow from within, while the serene expression carved into the wooden head seems calm and introverted. This is the head of a Taiwanese puppet representing a character known as the Blind Scholar.

The name of the Blind Scholar is written on the puppet's face along with passages from a pre-Revolutionary Chinese textbook known as the Book of Three Character Phrases. This well-known text is commonly the first schoolchildren learn, and it expresses the importance of learning, teaching, and education. The puppet represents a wise schoolteacher, and while entertaining audiences the puppet also tells them of the importance of learning.

At the bottom of the image,white text reads "Fowler Museum at UCLA". The other side of this banner is a deep red with white text that reads “Intersections/World Art/Local Lives” and in small black print ”opens 9/30/06”.


These banners were displayed around Los Angeles, California to promote the exhibition Intersections: World Art/Local Lives at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. The ongoing exhibition features works from the Fowler’s permanent collection.