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Childe Hassam: "Old House, East Hampton"-Printed vinyl-Crocker Art Museum-BetterWall
large wall art featuring Childe Hassam
large wall art featuring Childe Hassam
large wall art featuring Childe Hassam
Childe Hassam: "Old House, East Hampton"

Childe Hassam: "Old House, East Hampton"

Crocker Art Museum

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From: Crocker Art Museum
Limited Edition: 4
Exhibition: Transcending Vision: American Impressionism, 1870-1940
Material: Printed vinyl
Dimensions: 30" x 72" (76cm x 182cm)

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Impressionism, American Style

During the summer of 2011, the year after the completion of its 125,000 square foot expansion, the Crocker Art Museum luxuriated in the study of American Impressionism. Their exhibition, Transcending Vision: American Impressionism, 1870-1940 coincided with another, Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism. The lack of modern international travel modes in the late 1800s did not stop American artists from exploring the French countryside and absorbing the ways of Impressionism. Artists returned stateside with new ideas that evolved into a distinctly American style of painting.


Transcending Vision: American Impressionism, 1870-1940 traced the evolution of Impressionism in the United States. Featuring 125 paintings, drawings, and prints, the exhibition unpacked the French influence on American artists and celebrated the diversity of these painters, their styles, and their subjects as they contributed to a uniquely American style of painting. The emerging painting style was characterized by a focus on light, thin and obvious brush strokes, and creative angles. American Impressionists had a new take on nature; they explored urban subjects, a departure from the French norm.

The exhibition started with a study of the broad landscapes of the Hudson River School of Painting, progressed through Tonalism, which embraces the use of darker colors, and included a few works on the brink of Modernism. Childe Hassam, Lilla Cabot Perry, George Bellows, Thomas Moran, and Arthur Wesley Dow were among the 75 artists represented. Hassam’s oil painting, Old House, East Hampton (1917), was featured on the banner hung outdoors by the Crocker Museum to promote Transcending Vision.

Childe Hassam began visiting East Hampton with his wife in 1898, relishing in the seemingly endless supply of old houses, sun-drenched gardens, and serene beaches and meadows. In 1919, Hassam bought a house named Willow Bend on Egypt Lane, and spent extended summers there until his death in 1935. He is credited with helping to establish the Long Island village as an arts community. Though he rejected association with French Impressionists, the influence is seen in Old House, East Hampton, a quintessential East Hampton clapboard home, with its rich colors and quick brushstrokes.

The painting, in detail, fills the top portion of the banner. At the bottom in a blue band is the museum name and street address in white letters. The back side of the banner is identical to the front.


This banner was displayed around the Sacramento area between May 14 and September 25, 2011. Transcending Vision: American Impressionism, 1870-1940 featured a collection owned by the Bank of America.


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