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John Constable "The Hay Wain"-Printed vinyl-The Huntington-BetterWall
John Constable "The Hay Wain"
John Constable "The Hay Wain"
John Constable "The Hay Wain"
John Constable "The Hay Wain"

John Constable "The Hay Wain"

The Huntington

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From: The Huntington
Limited Edition: 15
Exhibition: Constable’s Great Landscapes: The Six-Foot Paintings
Material: Printed vinyl
Dimensions: 35" x 96" (88cm x 243cm)

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Blue skies abound in the landscapes of British painter John Constable. Riddled with clouds and shades of blue and grey, the sky in his famed painting "The Hay Wain" evokes the very real sense of nature's power and beauty. The painting is featured on 15 banners from The Huntington's exhibition Constable's Great Landscapes: The Six-Foot Paintings.


Driven to depict nature in its realistic and dramatic form, John Constable’s paintings moved landscape painting from an interpretive style into a free study of nature as it is. Constable rejected the notion that an artist should use his imagination to interpret nature and instead strove to portray his landscapes as observed by his own. Inspired by his travels throughout England’s Suffolk countryside in his youth, his expressive brushstrokes captured a realism of scenes and subject matter. “These scenes made me a painter, and I am grateful…the sound of water escaping from mill dams etc., willows, old rotten planks, slimy posts, and brickwork, I love such things,” he said.

A detail of Constable’s most recognized work, The Hay Wain, (1820–1), is depicted on these banners from The Huntington from the exhibition Constable’s Great Landscapes: The Six-Foot Paintings. The depiction of a horse-drawn agricultural vehicle (a wain) is a scene Constable almost surely witnessed while on his father’s property in Suffolk. The front of the banner depicts a small sliver of the original painting, but in doing so powerfully illustrates Constable’s command of his craft. The bulbous clouds ominously lording over the countryside are palatable in their grandeur, showing the insignificant scale of man in the face of nature. We can see the sunlight glimmering on the leaves and almost hear leaves rustling in the wind. This powerful realness is intensified by the tiny field hands who barely, but noticeably, dot the landscape. The exhibition dates "Feb. 3—April 29, 2007" appearing at the top of the banner.

The back of the banner continues The Hay Wain detail so that putting two banners side-by-side- creates a diptych completing the image. The artist’s name "Constable" and "at The Huntington” boldly appear on a dark red vertical band on the back of the banner.


These banners were displayed around San Marino and the Los Angeles area from February 3 through April 29, 2007 to promote the Huntington's exhibition Constable’s Great Landscapes: The Six-Foot Paintings. The exhibition also traveled to the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. and the Tate Britain.

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