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An irresistible pooch, Kleberg, from Jamie Wyeth is the center of attention from the Denver Art Museum's major exhibition of Andr...

Read more August 16, 2016

Experience the psychological thriller that is Edvard Munch! BetterWall is featured on Houzz as Halloween shopping pick. ...

Read more October 22, 2015

Besides being a leading figure in the Pop Art movement (ah yes, he disliked that label for its overemphasis on the materials used)...

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This could be one of the most refined and sophisticated installations of a BetterWall museum banner yet! June B. (in Florida) had ...

Read more September 22, 2016

Our customers can't get enough of Maira Kalman! Thanks to Jana from Tucson, AZ for sending this photo of her Kalman hanging nicely...

Read more August 18, 2016

Sneak peak at the Jamie Wyeth banners soon to be available. Signed and unsigned banners will be available on Monday, August 1st. S...

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The Met has created a couple of onlinecollectionsto highlight just a few of the 375,000 images now available in the public domain ...

Read more March 6, 2017

NY Times features Tom Wesselmann and our Seascapes #22 banner from the Denver Art Museum's retrospective of his work. Fascinating ...

Read more August 22, 2016

The folks at So Bad So Good have a snarky, yet hilarious, take on a world of art without gluten. "We're not condemning the glut...

Read more November 13, 2015

A Protean Artist

  • In Greek mythology, Proteus was a sea god capable of assuming different forms when he preferred not to foretell the future. He was versatile, mutable, protean. Like Proteus, Charles Rohlfs remade himself a few times before he became famous for his “artistic furniture.” He worked as a stove pattern-maker, even securing several patents for his designs, while pursuing a career in acting. Then at age 44, he embarked on a career in furniture design. Coming soon, from the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Dream the Impossible Dream

  • Well, perhaps it wasn't impossible. But who would have guessed that the Denver Art Museum and its savvy director could have attracted the exclusive European Yves Saint Laurent retrospective that had no intention of coming state side. Well, it came to DAM. It was a blockbuster. And now it's gone. These YSL banners will soon join those from a different blockbuster YSL exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.
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