Chloe Piene "Little David"
Chloe Piene "Little David"
Chloe Piene "Little David"
Chloe Piene "Little David"

Chloe Piene "Little David"

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From: Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver
Limited Edition: 11
Exhibition: Will Boys be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art
Material: Printed 2-ply vinyl
Dimensions: 31" x 89" (78.74cm x 226.06cm)

Hanging Hardware Included


Well, that's how the old saying goes, and it was the issue of the day for the exhibition "Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art." 11 banners from the exhibition featuring a video still from a work by Chloe Piene are now available. Piene is an up-and-coming artist who was selected for the 2004 Whitney Biennial, and whose work is being snapped up by public and private collections around the world.


The exhibition Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art is described by its organizers as follows:

The fascination with youth that dominates pop culture has appeared frequently in contemporary art. Examining the nature of adolescent masculinity in art from the past five years, Will Boys Be Boys? brings together works by nineteen nationally recognized artists, ranging from paintings, photographs, and sculptures to installation pieces and video works. The artists explore the notion of the adolescent male, as a socially determined type, in terms of his physical appearance—clothing, hairstyle, and accessories—as well as his pastimes and behaviors. Aware of post-feminist ideas about the complex fluidity of gender and identity, these artists treat the subject with deliberate ambiguity, manifested as a mixture of celebration, critique, imitation, and desire. Male adolescence is seen as a multivalent condition: sometimes androgynous, even feminine in some respects; both arrogant and vulnerable; alternating at times between threatening menace and exuberant innocence.

The image on the banner is a still from Chloe Piene’s 1999 video Little David which was featured in the exhibition. The video runs 3 minutes 56 seconds, and features a nine-year-old boy in white underpants spouting out an aggressive warning to viewers, "I’m gonna squish 'em… I'm gonna squish 'em until there's nothing left… Come on cutie, let's go. I'll squish 'em good… they'll be so squished, they'll be like a pancake, run over by a car." His voice is distorted to a deep, low grumble as he acts out this power play asserting his masculinity while his underlying vulnerability shows through to the viewer.

The museum’s name and logo are featured on the banner in white lettering, “MCA/Museum of Contemporary Art Denver”, along with the name of the exhibition “Will Boys Be Boys?” and the organizer’s logo “iCI”. Both sides of the banner are identical.


This banner was displayed around Denver, Colorado to promote the exhibition, Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. Organized by Independent Curators International in New York, the exhibition was also seen at to the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, TX; Salinas Art Center, Salinas, KS; Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art/Cornell, University, Ithaca, NY; and the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indiana.