Marc Chagall "Midsummer Night
Marc Chagall "Midsummer Night
Marc Chagall "Midsummer Night
Marc Chagall "Midsummer Night

Marc Chagall "Midsummer Night

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From: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Limited Edition: 25
Exhibition: Marc Chagall
Material: Printed vinyl
Dimensions: 35" x 72" (88.9cm x 182.88cm)

Hanging Hardware Included


Shakespeare's Juliet asked: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." Marc Chagall borrowed from the French when he changed his name from Moishe Shagall. He also may have borrowed from Shakespeare in his 1939 painting, "Midsummer Night's Dream", by pairing Bottom and Titania from the playwright's comedy of the same name. Or perhaps it is beauty and the beast in the painting adorning the banner promoting SFMOMA's exhibition, "Marc Chagall".


Marc Chagall liked to weave dreamy tales into his richly-colored paintings often depicting life’s joys, but also human suffering, particularly that of European Jews during World War II. He is famous for his flying lovers, fantastic animals, fiddlers on rooftops, and large bouquets. Chagall often created peaceful worlds where men and beasts lived in mystical union, like the goat-man and bride paired in Midsummer Night’s Dream (1939), the oil painting featured on the banner for the exhibition, Marc Chagall at SFMOMA.

Chagall took nine years to complete the painting, which is thought to represent Shakespeare’s Bottom and Titania from the comedy of the same name. The Chagall retrospective exhibition included 153 paintings and works on paper completed between 1907 and 1970, some of which had not been seen before in the U.S. The artist’s granddaughter, Meret Meyer Graber, lent cloth and paper collages from her private collection, and another granddaughter, Bella Meyer, spoke at the museum on the exhibition’s opening day.

The painting covers most of the front side of the banner. A band of white appears at both the top and bottom. In the top band, “San Francisco Museum of Modern Art” is printed in black, and below are printed the two major corporate sponsor logos, Bank of American and Visa. The back side of the banner is mostly deep blue with “marc chagall” with exhibition dates “july 26—nov 4” reversed out in white, lower case letters. Like the front, a white band runs across the top and bottom. SFMOMA’s logo appears in the bottom band.


These banners were displayed around San Francisco from July 26 to November 4, 2003. The exhibition was first shown at the Grand Palais in Paris and did not travel elsewhere after SFMOMA.