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Experience the psychological thriller that is Edvard Munch! BetterWall is featured on Houzz as Halloween shopping pick. ...

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Besides being a leading figure in the Pop Art movement (ah yes, he disliked that label for its overemphasis on the materials used)...

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BritWeek took Los Angeles by storm last April. Celebrating all things British, this annual series of events showcases the rich and...

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Sneak peak at the Jamie Wyeth banners soon to be available. Signed and unsigned banners will be available on Monday, August 1st. S...

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Bushido: code of the samurai. Despite their fierceness and intimidating armor, samurai learned and practiced both bun (culture) an...

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Thanks to our friend, Carbery, for sharing her Maira Kalman banner in her fabulous home.

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The folks at So Bad So Good have a snarky, yet hilarious, take on a world of art without gluten. "We're not condemning the glut...

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If cats knew the full extent to which we exploit them, we might find a mortal enemy numbering close to a billion. Oh well, they ar...

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[caption id="attachment_1775" align="aligncenter" width="592"] God Hates Renoir![/caption] How can your hate a famous and (most...

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Recycle & Reuse Program for Museums

With funding sources dwindling, museums today are constantly seeking new sources of revenue. As businesses and conscientious members of their communities, they are also exploring eco-friendly ?green? practices that can benefit the environment and reduce waste. Museums achieve all of these goals simultaneously through BetterWall's Recycle and Reuse Program.

BetterWall partners with museums to help them reduce waste by keeping tons of vinyl banners out of landfills each year. We also help them generate valuable financial support to strengthen their collections, operations, exhibitions, and programs.For more information about the Recycle and Reuse Program?, please call us at 303-756-6615 or email us at .

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