Backyards, Beaches and Bananarama

Backyards, Beaches and Bananarama

This email is dedicated to Summer. Below, you will find some great ideas for sprucing up your outdoor spaces with museum banners because they are, after all, designed to live outside! Let your inside banners out into their natural habitat for the season, or purchase new ones that specifically compliment your patio, garden, pool house or other outdoor living space.
More Summer favorites to enjoy in the backyard or on the beach:
Blue Moon Beer
Living in Colorado, a state known for its myriad of local obscure microbrews, I am a little hesitant to admit that my go-to brew is pretty well-known and well distributed. Blue Moon Belgian White originated in the SandLot Brewery® at Coors Field in 1995, the opening season of Coors Field. It has a subtle sweetness and citrusy flavor highlighted with an orange peel garnish making it the perfect refreshing beer for a hot day.
Vinho Verde Wine
Several years ago I discovered Vinho Verde from Portugal’s largest wine region. It quickly became my summer favorite. You can read more about this wine at I was thrilled to find out that a BetterWall customer in Portugal makes this very wine, so here is a shout out to Lima Smith who makes Covela Verde Avesso that I am told, can be found at  Sherry Lehman Wine and Spirits in NY . Let me know if you try it!
Grilled Shrimp Tacos
The perfect summer meal to pair with both of these is my favorite Grilled Shrimp Taco Recipe that, I just read, is one of 23 all-time favorite recipes from Real Simple Magazine readers, so I guess I am not alone!
Cruel Summer
And lastly, we sometimes need a soundtrack like this 80’s new-wave earworm, to go with the parts of summer that are not filled with backyards, beaches, beer, wine and tacos.

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