About Us

About Us

BetterWall was launched in 2004 with the idea of promoting environmental stewardship and beautiful art. In addition to offering a home-decor option to customers, we provide art museums help in handling their used exhibition banners so that they can focus on their primary mission of planning exhibits.

Our inventory of exhibition banners originally hung in cities around the US promoting top art museums. We bring them to you to be repurposed as large scale wall art in your home or office!

There's more to BetterWall than just exhibition banners. Our ideas and aesthetic are part of a modernist trend toward good, sustainable design. And there's more to the banners than just images on vinyl. As unique objects produced in limited editions, the banners embody great art, great museums, and contemporary advertising trends.

Art collectors recommend that when you purchase art you choose what you like. Easy to say, but who has the resources to buy a Monet, a Chagall, or a Rembrandt? We believe that owning "art" should not merely be a matter of resources, but also a matter of taste. At BetterWall, we help you get closer to the work of artists and museums you love in a format that is unique, dramatic, and exclusive.

Visiting museums is truly an important and enriching experience, and museums deserve our support so they can continue to fulfill their important roles. As a portal to the arts, museums allow all of us to access and enjoy a wide array of collections and exhibitions. Whether you live in the city, the country, at the beach, or in the mountains, if you care about how things look and how your individual actions impact our world, you share in BetterWall's philosophy.

About the Banners

All of BetterWall's beautiful exhibition banners are the real McCoy! They have been displayed on streetlamp posts and museum facades in cities across the country. Made of vinyl or heavy-weight canvas, the banners are well-equipped to withstand outdoor display.

All banners are in excellent condition with no rips, tears, fading or large blemishes. Minor surface blemishes or other slight signs of wear do not detract from the beauty of the images and add to the banners' value and authentic charm. Some banners have wind-slits, small half-moon shaped cuts that allow the banners to withstand high wind without ripping.

All banners are carefully cleaned and stored in keeping with appropriate archival protocol. Each banner comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Remember, when you purchase a banner through BetterWall, a percentage of the proceeds goes back to the museum. Do your part to advance good design, support the arts, and make a statement that makes a difference!