Finders Keepers 

Finders Keepers 


Are you familiar with World Art Drop Day? Well, it's the greatest thing.

Art Drop Day is the brain-child of Jake Parker of Provo, UT. His goal was to help people feel a little more connected to one another and to create random bonds between strangers through the act of creating and giving. This happens every September on the first Tuesday. While some cities/towns/communities hype it up in an organized way, you can participate on your own!

The concept is simple. If you are an artist, create something. Attach the 
World Art Drop Day info sheet to your artwork then drop-it somewhere in your community and announce on social media where you dropped it with the hashtag #artdropday or with your city, like #artdropdaydenver. It's also fun to announce the location as a clue for folks to figure out. Anyone who finds the piece gets to keep it. That person usually shares a pic of their find on social media to show-off their art booty! Imagine this happening all over the world in one day! Fun, eh?

Google to see if your area has a specific social media channel where art drops are being shared. Or simply search the #artdropday or #artdropday[your city] to find some art!

To see videos of Jake Parker dropping artwork in various cities visit (Note that the site is showing the 2018 art drop date)

We look forward to seeing the masterpieces you find!

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