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Get My Swan Costume Ready

Rhythm & Roots: Dance in American Art brought movement to the Denver Art Museum, which, like most museums, usually celebrates stationary fine art. This exhibition explored the evolution of dance in America from 1830 to 1960. One of the items exhibited was Anna Pavlova's tutu from her signature ballet, The Dying Swan, which she performed 4,000 times. "Get my swan costume ready" were the dancer's last words in 1931 and a performance was held the next day as the music played and a light shown on an empty stage. The Russian dancer visited the U.S. in 1910, deeply influencing future generations of American ballet lovers with her passion and grace. The prima ballerina's tutu, one of only two known, was unique to the Denver Art Museum's portion of the traveling exhibition. The Denver Art Museum created a series of three banners to promote the exhibition in the Denver area. Now available to purchase for your home (or dance studio!).