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Low-Brow and "Big Eyes"

Amy Adams wins Golden Globe for title role in Margaret Keane film. She's also nominated for a leading actress BAFTA trophy, coming up on Feb. 8. Here's hoping for a fellow Coloradan! An enduring memory growing up in the suburbs in the 60s and 70s were the freaky big eyes staring at me from the walls of friends' homes. By the 80s these kitsch masterpieces became collectible among hipsters. As it turns out, the artist behind these very popular, money-making images wasn't Walter Keane at all (though he took all the credit), but his wife Margaret. Tim Burton's Big Eyes, in theaters now, tells the whole story. Also, chanteuse Lana Del Rey got a nomination at the Golden Globes for her song "Big Eyes". I was watching "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", the 1962 Bette Davis/Joan Crawford classic, and what did I spy 15 minutes in?