New Owner Acquires BetterWall

New Owner Acquires BetterWall

Dear BetterWall Customers and Fans,

We are thrilled to inform you that BetterWall has a new owner, Amy Norton, a long-time BetterWall employee. When we started BetterWall in 2003, we set out to bring people closer to the art they love in an authentic and spectacular way. Since then, thousands of people have brought museum street banners into their homes, embracing their combination of contemporary design and museum quality art. Your enthusiasm about the banners and BetterWall has been inspiring. Mostly, we have loved working with our museum partners, and interacting with our customers and fans.We also hope you’ve enjoyed reading our newsletters about art, culture, and travel. We always wanted to share something unique that we had experienced firsthand, whether it was traveling to the French countryside, experiencing an art exhibition, or cooking up a special Japanese dish.

With Amy now at the helm, BetterWall starts a new chapter with a new voice that will continue to broaden your world.We know Amy's passion for good design and talent for great customer service are a perfect fit for all that BetterWall strives to be. We are excited to see where Amy's ideas and energy take BetterWall next, and we hope you'll have a chance to connect with her soon! Don't miss the special offer below!

Best regards,
Nicolas and Nora Weiser

Hello! Thank you to Nick and Nora for their guidance and support as I start this new adventure! My favorite part about working with BetterWall over the years has been learning the stories behind each banner— the works of art, the artist, the museum, the exhibition and so on. The banners succeed on their own as unique wall hangings for your home or office. However, like all art, they also serve as a catalyst for discussion and discovery. I look forward to unrolling these stories with you as well as sharing new arrivals and some hidden treasures! I am also revising the look of these email message and am working toward a fresh, updated website!

As a thank you in advance for your continued loyalty and to show my LOVE for the customers and friends of BetterWall, I am offering 20% OFF ALL ORDERS through FEB 14th, 2017! 

 Warmest regards,

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