Talk about a steal

Talk about a steal


MISSING: Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee - Rembrandt Van Rijn, 1633

If you are interested in art or crime or the two combined the Empty Frames podcast is for you. While several books have been written on this subject, this is the first podcast that delves into the mystery of the 1990 theft of important artworks from the collection at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 

The most cringe-worthy fact is that the pieces were cut right out of the frames, despite the fact that the thieves had ample time to be less haphazard with their priceless bounty.

"The two thieves, dressed as Boston policemen, made off with 13 pieces of artwork; a total value estimated at half a billion dollars. Works by Vermeer, Degas and Rembrandt were stripped from their frames, paint chips over 300 years old littered the floor. The art was never to be seen by the public again." 

Was it the mob? Was it an inside job? Is there someone out there that knows? The goal of the hosts is to renew interest in this audacious crime and hopefully generate new leads and help support the museum.

Have you viewed the empty frames at the Gardner Museum? Or better yet, have you seen the missing works themselves???  

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