The NEW Shock of the New -- 10 Years On

The NEW Shock of the New -- 10 Years On

Here at BetterWall we are re-watching "The Shock of the New", the classic documentary about the development of modern art. It premiered on British TVs in 1980 and came over the pond in 1981, on PBS of course -- the U.S. home of Benny Hill. The wit and intelligence conveyed by the highly opinionated and articulate art critic Robert Hughes still holds up today. I only recently realized he did a one-hour follow up in 2004 called "The NEW Shock of the New 2004". I have yet to see it - I'm waiting to finish up the original series - but I'm anxious to hear his take on the likes of Damien Hirst (I bet he's no fan of pickled shark!). You can watch all 9 in the series on YouTube -- between checking out cat videos. The book "The Shock of the New", a companion to the series is also highly recommended.

The Shock of the New Book Cover  The Shock of the New

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