Collection: Charles Gwathmey

The Crocker expansion was the last major project of architect Charles Gwathmey. He designed the addition and oversaw much of its construction before his death in 2009 when firm partner Gerald Gendreau took the project to completion.

Gwathmey (1938-2009) was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, the son of painter Robert Gwathmey and photographer Rosalie Gwathmey. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and received a master's degree from Yale School of Architecture. In 1968, he founded the New York firm of Gwathmey Siegel Architects & Associates, which maintained both a thriving residential and commercial business. GSAA earned the Firm Award, the American Institute of Architect's highest honor for consistently producing distinguished architecture.

Charles Gwathmey was known for his bold modernist style and love of angles and curves to create interlocking spaces. He is most well known for the 1992 renovation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum in New York City.