Elspeth Diederix

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, artist Elspeth Diederix (b. 1971) is an avid traveler, and this plays an important role in her life and work. But while her exotic locations often impact her vision, she keeps the location almost outside of her work and she herself remains detached as an observer not a participant. This is evident in her ability to view everyday objects in new, unexpected, and sometimes visually abstract ways without making the viewer aware of her presence. Her works' optical illusions and perspectival games are created through her own manual manipulations, not through digital means. This gives the works a timelessness that is not always seen in the work of other contemporary photographers who manipulate works through digital means. Her works are in numerous public and private collections including Akzo-Nobel, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, ABN/AMRO, and LaSalle Bank in Chicago.
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