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For Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), her self-portraits are her biography, chronicling her physical and emotional turmoil. At the age of six she was stricken with polio leaving her with a pronounced limp. At eighteen she was severely injured in a bus accident leaving her with a slew of chronic health problems including the inability to bear children. In 1929, she married Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and embarked on a tempestuous relationship marred by infidelity, jealousy, obsessive passion, and divorce. Kahlo's Communist political ideologies are now often glossed over or minimized. She was a devote Trotskyite and at one point had an affair with Leon Trotsky. She turned on him to support Stalin - despite the knowledge that he was responsible for millions of deaths (including Trotsky's). Addicted to pain killers, one leg amputated below the knee, her abilities as an artist on the wane, Kahlo died at the age of 47.

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