Collection: Moyo Ogundipe and Charles Deas

Nigerian-born American painter Moyo Ogundipe (b.) emigrated to the U.S. in the 1990s to escape Nigeria's oppressive military government. His work bridges two worlds, that of his native Africa and that of his adopted home in the west. In his own words, “I want people to respond to my painting with their instincts, with their emotions, and with their feelings because it is that region of the human soul from which the work of art has come."

American painter Charles Deas (1818-1867) is one of the most renowned 19th century painters of the American west. He played an important role in shaping how American's viewed themselves and their country before the Mexican war, and the U.S. government used his work as part of their campaign to expand the U.S. westward in the late 19th century.