Don’t Vote for a Can of Tuna 
by Nora Weiser

There have been signs dotting the yards in Platt Park neighborhood of Denver for months now. “Don’t Vote for a Can of Tuna. Vote RUDY for President”, they say, emblazoned with the regal portrait of a fluffy black cat. That cat is Rudy, who resides on the 1700 block of S. Ogden St in Denver. His tongue-in-cheek campaign stemmed from your usual gathering of friends who took a funny idea and turned it into a neighborhood joke (cocktails may have been involved.)

“Rudy has really brought this neighborhood together in a tough year and folks walking by tell me over and over again how the signs make them smile.”
Dawn Frider, Rudy’s Owner

Rudy has now announced his vice presidential pick: Chopper. Chopper is known to be a scrappy, grassroots candidate who “meows it like it is”; he’s the kind of cat you’d like to sit and have a beer with. Chopper hails from the Highland neighborhood and is still in touch with his midwest roots as a farm cat.

Rudy/Chopper yard signs can now be ordered below to show your support for their positive, bipartisan platform, which includes:

  • General appreciation of yard work

  • Napping on lawn furniture

  • Walking as a form of exercise

  • Bird watching

  • Checking-in on our 2 and 4-legged neighbors to make sure they are okay

All profits will be donated to the Colorado Pet Pantry.

Follow the campaign on Instagram @RUDYTHECAT4PREZ.
Contact for questions

BetterWall endorses the campaign but is a separate business owned by one of the campaign managers. 

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