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Asian Art Museum

19th-Century "Indian Dancer"

19th-Century "Indian Dancer"

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From: Asian Art Museum
Limited Edition: 37
Exhibition: Princes, Palaces, and Passion: The Art of India's Mewar Kingdom
Material: Printed vinyl
Dimensions: 35" x 72" (88cm x 182cm)

Hanging Hardware Included



In the 19th century in the kingdom of Mewar, now Udaipar in southwestern Rajasthan, Indian art developed from its traditional roots to a more imaginative and symbolic plane. It was one of the most illustrious periods in the evolution of Indian art. Now known mostly for its romantic palace and grand 5-star hotel rising from the center of the lake, Mewar was the center of the ruling Rajasthani families of the Mewar Dynasty for some 1200 years.

These banners feature the watercolor A Court Beauty from around 1815. The work is attributed to Chokha (active 1799-1824), the foremost court artist of the day from the Mewar state. The original work is painted on cotton cloth and embellished with gold and silver accents, and the work translates exceptionally well to the banner format. The large figure is supple and sensual, her body almost in a contraposto stance that recalls classical Greek and Roman works. Her richly embroidered garments display her status as a courtier. Her overt sexuality and exposed breasts show that her outfit is designed with an eye to the watcher's enjoyment rather than the wearer's comfort. The detailed figure with the small child reaching up to her epitomizes the high level of artistry achieved by the styles that melded during this period in Chokha's paintings.

Below the image is a yellow band with red letters that read "Museum". This completes the text from the other side of the banner which has a yellow band at the bottom that reads "Asian Art" in red text. The rest of this side is red with yellow and white text that reads "Princes, Palaces, & Passion: The Art of India's Mewar Kingdom" along with the exhibition dates "Feb 2 - April 29".


These banners were displayed around San Francisco to promote the Asian Art Museum's exhibition Princes, Palaces, and Passion: The Art of India's Mewar Kingdom from February 2 through April 29, 2007.

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