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BritWeek LA

BritWeek LA 2014

BritWeek LA 2014

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From: BritWeek
Limited Edition: 57
Exhibition: BritWeek LA
Material: Printed vinyl
Dimensions: 35" x 96" (88cm x 243cm)

Hanging Hardware Included


BritWeek took Los Angeles by storm last April. Celebrating all things British, this annual series of events showcases the rich and varied ways in which the U.K. contributes to Californian arts, sports, business, science, and philanthropy.

In our first ever diversion from museum banners, BetterWall is pleased to offer a limited number of BritWeek Los Angeles banners all dressed up in the Union Jack. That perennial British icon, the Union Jack, is prevalent in contemporary art (think the suits of artist duo, (Gilbert & George) and popular culture (Chuck Taylor high tops, Mini Cooper paint jobs, and YouTube nail art tutorials).


Since 2007, BritWeek events have delighted Californians with rich forays into the wide berth of British talent in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco. The events have been as varied as they are plentiful. For an opening event at BritWeek Los Angeles in April 2014, British-born, world-renowned astronomer and CalTech professor, Richard Ellis, spoke about finding the earliest galaxies at the Griffith Observatory. A couple of days later, London’s Graffik Gallery hosted a pop-up exhibition at LAB ART, the largest street art gallery in the world. Meanwhile, business innovation award ceremonies, rugby and cricket events, a luxury shopping stroll down Robertson Blvd, and the Great British Afternoon Tea-Off were held.

The banner used to promote BritWeek Los Angeles features the Union Jack flag of the U.K. on both sides. On the front, “BRITWEEK” appears in white across the center of the flag. At the bottom is the BritWeek logo and its tag line. On the back, “APRIL 21-MAY4/BRITWEEK.ORG” appears in white at the flag’s midpoint.

While the origin of the “Union Jack” name for the British flag is uncertain, it most likely stems from the use of a “Jack Staff,” or flag pole, to fly a flag at the bow of a ship. The flag could have been referred to as the “Jack,” “Jack Flag,” or the “King’s Jack,” which eventually evolved into the Union Jack.

BritWeek is a non-profit organization started by Nigel Lythgoe and Bob Peirce. Known for his role as executive producer of American Idol, Lythgoe was a dancer in the Young Generation, and is the creator and one of the judges of So You Think You Can Dance. He worked with former British Consul-General Bob Peirce to start BritWeek to celebrate the strong arts, entertainment, business, and historical ties between the U.K. and California. The organization launched Britweek Visits Miami! in 2013 to celebrate Miami’s British talent.


These banners were displayed around the Los Angeles area between April 21 and May 4, 2014.

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